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Timothy J. Adams FSA, MAAA

Tim has mostly focused on health actuarial. He also maintains a strong knowledge of enterprise risk management, which was his specialty earlier in his career. Tim has also worked in pensions and property-casualty actuarial. He has worked for consulting firms, insurance companies, and as an independent contractor.

While working as a compliance actuary, Tim developed an intimate knowledge of the Affordable Care Act. He particularly focused on how it applies to actuarial responsibilities. He wrote paragraphs on pertinent sections of the act, on both what the sections meant, and how they would apply to his particular department. He also performed compliance studies regarding various blocks of business.

Another area where Tim has performed significant work involves Medicare Part D. He performed monthly reserve calculations on Part D business, along with periodic forecasts. These forecasts considered the highly fluctuating nature of the various Part D components. He also worked closely with the pricing actuary to help fix a $300 million cash flow short fall. Tim likewise advised actuaries with affiliated companies regarding their Med D business.

Reserves have been a major responsibility for Tim during his years as a health actuary. At one company, he completely revamped its reserving system, replacing it with a system that was much easier to follow. This system also proved much more sufficient for performing audits.

Earlier in his career, Tim was considered an expert in the field of life/health insurance company solvency analysis. He maintained a statistical data base on 200 such companies domiciled in the United States. He also maintained a smaller data base for ten Canadian companies. Through his work, risky conditions were revealed at several companies that subsequently went insolvent, saving millions of dollars for client companies. Tim also performed solvency analysis on banks based not only in the United States, but around the world. His crowning achievement was when he reviewed six large major Japanese banks. He concluded that these banks did not exhibit the creditworthiness then being accorded by the major rating agencies. His conclusions then turned out to be more accurate.

Tim has studied up on enterprise risk management. His experience as a solvency analyst readily applies to this specialty. Tim used this experience to help a health insurance company create a risk-based capital model. While building this model, Tim identified a segment within a product that the company was planning to expand, which would have been the most profitable segment to target. Tim feels highly confident that he would readily fit into a position that would require enterprise risk management.

Experience in pensions and property/casualty work provides insight into how these systems work and how they might interact with other systems.


2015 - ISC Strategies Consulting, Inc. (West Des Moines, IA)

2015 - Insurance Strategies Consulting, LLC (West Des Moines, IA)


2012-2014 - BLUE CROSS OF IDAHO (Meridian, ID)

2010-2012 - INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR (Little Rock, AR)

2005-2010 - CVS CAREMARK (Irving, TX)

2003-2005 - CAPITAL BLUE CROSS (Harrisburg, PA)


1996-2000 - BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD OF TEXAS (Richardson, TX)

1994-1996 - BLUE CROSS OF CALIFORNIA (Woodland Hills, CA)

1988-1993 - LAUGHLIN GROUP (Beaverton, OR)

1985-1988 - THE WYATT COMPANY (Portland, OR)

1980-1985 - MILLIMAN & ROBERTSON (Omaha, NE)

1979-1980 - ST. PAUL COMPANIES (St. Paul, MN)

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